Learn more about R&D finance and how it can help your business

Get early access to your R&D refund

You can receive upto 80% of your R&D refund in just a few days. Use Rocking Horse’s R&D Advantage for:

Cash Boost

Bridging loans to keep business running smoothly

Expedite R&D

Reinvest your R&D refund and develop your product faster

Hit Milestones

Increase your market valuation ahead of a capital raise

Accelerate commercialisation

Move your business towards a profitable position faster

What Rocking Horse Offers

If you are having trouble acquiring finance through the big banks a Rocking Horse R&D Advantage will help your business realise its full potential

Receive upto 80% of your R&D return

Money received in a matter of days

Retain control of your company with non-dilutive finance

Loans secured against your R&D refund

Fees only charged when loan is repaid

Simple, streamlined application process

“Allowing us to access cashflow critical to our R&D and commercialisation in an incredibly painless and efficient manner”

Daniel Stinton, EBEV Founder

Daniel Stinton, Founder