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Despite accounting for less than 0.3% of the world’s population, Australia:

  • Has had 12 Nobel laureates
  • Produces more than 3% of the world’s academic literature
  • Is ranked 9th in the world in higher education
  • Is responsible for world changing innovations, such as WiFi, the cervical cancer vaccine, and the black box flight recorder.

The sad reality, however, is that these and many other world leading inventions were commercialised overseas. According to the global innovation index Australia ranks 81st in the world on innovation efficiency – a measure of our ability to translate innovation inputs into outputs.

Rocking Horse provides a genuine solution to this imbalance by give Australian innovators the purpose-built platform to achieve home-grown commercial success.


  • Provide advisory and financing services to innovators and business R&D operations.
  • Help businesses to network with other R&D experts, universities and government support services.
  • Support innovators to focus product/service development by providing backroom business support expertise.

How We Are Helping Markets

Growing Innovation

By providing quarterly and short term funding Rocking Horse is helping Innovation grow. By leveraging the R&D policies of the Government and using the Rocking Horse debt funding to further accelerate R&D and commercialisation plans, businesses will be able to get to market faster and grow innovation in Australia.

Supporting Business

Our tailored financing options help businesses cope with the day to day running of their operations. With Rocking Horse Finance you can stop focussing on the continual march for more funding and look at your business and how you will grow it. Rocking Horse takes the pressure off your cash flow so you can focus on revenue generation.

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